• Collect stamps with your iPhone
    Christopher Pietsch
  • Travelers love to capture their impressions. They make notes, take photos and collect things to remember what they have experienced. 

    We believe that exhibitions are similar journeys and that revisiting this experience is as important as the actual time on location.

    Therefor we’ve invented the digital Logbook that keeps track of everything that visitors find interesting. It contrast to other solutions, it does not try to overwhelm you with a catalogue of everything. It is as simple as collecting stamps when we were young.
  • Logbook App
  • Walkthrough / Scenario
  • Welcome to the Science Exhibition
  • At the beginning of the journey visitors will receive an iPod or iPhone with the Logbook App to keep track of what they find interesting.
  • Time to start the exploration of physical and digital exhibits. At every exhibit, visitors will find a stamp next to it.
  • Whenever a visitor likes something and wants to know more, it is time to pull out the Logbook.
  • By stamping onto the Logbook, visitors can unlock information about the exhibit.
  • Instead of using slow technology such as QR-Codes or expensive RFID, we developed these working stamps that serve as the hand-shake between exhibit and app.
  • Visitors gain access to all relevant information, videos and images related to that exhibit. This way, visitors can reflect their journey in the relax area or at home. 
  • Video