• Commissioned work: 2015

    Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation,
    Motion Graphics, Editing, Web Graphics
    and everything else in-between:
    Tom J Manning

    Client and Sound Design:
    Radium Audio

    OpenLab is an open audition for sound designers to showcase their talent in order to gain freelance work by responding directly to two specially themed briefs at opposite ends of the sound spectrum. On one side you have the light airy sounds of a magical fairy garden. On the other, dark, mechanical, robotic and futuristic inspired sounds from a mech invasion. The sound designers would use the artwork as reference, download the supplied sound source and create their own compositions based upon their chosen brief. 

    The artwork style pays homage to earlier 90's styles, mixing the old with the new.

  • OpenLab Intro Movie

  • Deliverables:
    • Logo and branding
    • Product box designs
    • Poster artwork
    • Website graphics
    • Video, motion graphics & animation
    • A sound advice booklet and a PDF instructions manual

    Working with Radium Audio on this was a pleasure and the project was a huge success with hundreds upon hundreds of applicants applying from around the world. I was the sole visual designer working on this project and therefore had to learn animation and video editing in order to be successful in the role.

  • Product Boxes
  • These product boxes were used on the website to give the download package a 'box of goodies' feel as users would be downloading a huge resource of HQ sound files, artwork and PDF documentation to help them with their submissions.

  • Posters

  • These posters were designed to provide an artists impression to the applicant as to what they would be sound designing. They were completely built out of photographs and stock imagery. The style was influenced from 90's art and mixed with scientific elements we were running with as the main theme of the campaign. The scientific theme represents the element of craft, exploration and experimentation that goes into sound design.

  • The Brief

  • OpenLab - How it Works Movie

  • Subject Logos

  • Webpage Headers

  • OpenLab Website

  • Website Site Map

  • OpenLab Sound Advice Booklet
    A 60+ page PDF booklet was designed, and included in the download pack, to inspire and educate applicants who downloaded the briefs. The booklet is packed with inspirational quotes and information all told via a humorous illustration style. 

  • OpenLab Tutorials

  • OpenLab - Sound Design Tutorial Teaser

  • OpenLab Logo Development

  • Thank you for viewing!