Land & Sea

  • The name of Land & Sea has its philosophical meaning: music is created between land and sea of the earth. This in-between state of creation in turn creates sense of joy for those who are exposed to the work.

    This new brand identity is solely based on the true meaning of the brand philosophical graphic universe: the land and the sea, with a mix of wise, modern and playful visual in collision. It expresses the ecosystem of the sidestream enjoyment as well as the Land & Sea vibes.

    Instead of further exposing the already popular and famous musicians, Land & Sea targets niche to dig deep the local indie band. Compared to the majority, the digital channel is living in a contradictory stream. It is confident and bold in its approach to entertaining the masses.

    Therefore, for the identity, we will use the visualization of the land and the sea in a contradictory way. Two contrasting continents which live side by side in a harmony, cultivating each other with their own differing characteristics.


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