Divided/By Watch Concept

  • This is the story of a battle between simplicity and complexity. I finished this concept in September 2016.  Divided/By is a vision, that aims to redefine how one views time. It is mysterious, it is captivating and it is an argument towards the watch designs we see today. I was interested in using fabric/soft material for a watch dial as it has rarely been done before.
  • Once I knew I had to play with fabric but yet revolve around simplicity, I focused on the body of the watch and detailed different possible ways of communicating time.
  • This is DIVIDED/BY. It is a new way of imagining a watch and understanding time. A fabric wraps the mechanism underneath, revealing only the necessary - the minute and the hour contours. One of the major goals for DIVIDED/BY is to create differentiation with the current watch - viewing method. I don't need a million dials to learn the time.. through time and use, a user will be able to identify time by just looking at the size and angle of the raised contour
  • wrapped with fabric, DIVIDED/BY has two rings underneath that read the hours and the minutes. The vertical crown aims at creating an exclusive design language and also asking questions to the the more popular way of placing it.