Toy Defense Fantasy TD Strategy Game

  • Toy Defense Fantasy Tower defense in fantasy setting for iOS and Android.
     My role: UI/UX, 2D Art (game elements, assets & icons)

    Step into the role of a 10th-century commander and become the equal of Richard the Lionheart! Recruit and command your kingdom's warriors, wizards, archers, and healers to create a powerful defense and destroy the enemy’s forces! Become the greatest defender of your castle and feel a rush of courage as you free your people from the vile monsters rampaging across your kingdom! 
    Defend your castle and face the fire – dragons are coming! Wage war against your greatest foes in a battle of tactics. Toy Defense: Fantasy Castle features a MAGICAL new world with dashing warriors, fearless archers, crafty goblins, and an immersive atmosphere of magic and military might! Pit your warriors in a war against your greatest enemies.​​​​​​​

    Melsoft Games 2016 - 2017  
  • Toy Defense Fantasy available on App store and Google play  

  • UI and UX

  • Assets 
    Game Elements
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  • Our team work so hard to make this game,
    we hope that you enjoyed it!