Wolfram Typeface

  • Wolfram Typeface
    Wolfram Typeface is inspired by a stack of chairs observed in the school hallway. The pattern discovered in the chairs first became vectorized, and after some time turned out to be an entire norwegian alphabet, including all the numbers 0-9.

    Wolfram Typeface is a display typeface, not to be used in long sentences or words longer than ten letters. It is a typeface that is mostly meant for illustrational use.

    The typeface was originally intended for the design of the jazz-group Wolfram Trio´s albumcover, wich explains the name of the typeface.
  • Business cards.
  • One of the rules for use of the typeface is that every letter should be placed next to an equal angle as the previous letter. As shown here.
  • Font specimen.
  • The typeface can also be used as simple illustrations.
  • Because all the letters contains different angles, they can be put together in a lot of different ways. This can give a word many different expressions depending on which way you put the letters together.
  • Postcards
  • The typeface can be put on top of photos, without stealing any attention from the photo. Here they are used as headings/illustrations. 
  • Totebag and poster.