Phonetica: Visual Pronunciation System

  • Phonetica: Visual Pronunciation System
    An Attempt at Visualizing the Sounds of Spoken Language
  • “The hardest part of learning a new language is pronunciation”  — A. Z. Guirora

    The above quote by Guirora triggered the research of IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet. Based on this system, Phonetica is an attempt at visualizing the sounds of spoken language.
    The intention is to help understand and improve the pronunciation when learning a new, foreign language. The aim for it is, to be used in educational programmes or for further research into the shapes of sounds. 
  • Anatomy of a Sound
    After thorough research, the spoken language of the latin alphabet has been decoded and divided into defining behaviours, resulting in the shape of sound being determined by the following factors: vocal tract, nasal, airstream, lip posture and whether it is voiced or voiceless.
    The emphasis of the sound is displayed via three slightly different weights:
    light (silent), regular and bold (to emphasize)
    In case multiple letters are pronounced with a single sound and vice versa, they will be connected by a wavy soundwave-like line. 
  • Set of Sounds