CALMzone Rebrand

  • CALMzone (Campaign Against Living Miserably)
    Men's Mental Health Charity

    CALM is a mental health charity for men who suffer with mental illness’ or suicidal thoughts. CALM’s branding left me feel uninspired, it was my job to change that, inspire people to want to donate, to use their services and to shed a new light on an issue that is under looked. A new visual identity is a catalyst for new conversations, get people talking about mental health and suicide because no one should suffer in silence.

    Who are CALM?
    Campaign Against Living Miserably, or CALMzone, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK. In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. CALM do amazing work on a daily basis which inspires not just me for this brief but a lot of others. Mental illness and suicide is a touchy subject but knowing you have a service like this that provides men up and down the country a hand for help, giving them the advice they desperately need in order to get better and be ok is incredible.

  • Why rebrand?
    This rebrand concept is to showcase how the brand can better their connection with their audience through branding and experience. The inspiration behind this brand is to highlight and encourage conversation between two people. Men bottle up their emotions, however by encouraging change it might reduce the statistics in male suicide. 

  • Logo Lockup
    The new CALM logo looks at using conversation as the driving force for the brand, creating 2 speech bubbles to symbolise you can't do it on your own, its better to voice your emotions in a time of crisis.  

  • Brand property and colour
    The brand has 2 brand properties, a flat speech bubble and a 3d variation. This creates a coherent brand world for CALMzone, making the brand recognisable without the logo. The brands image is welcoming and friendly, also uses masculine colours that hold values such as communication, reliability and mental relaxation, perfect for the preventing male suicide. 

  • Website
    The website has been created to better the experience for those in need of help. The current CALM user interface is heavy, busy and unorganised, this to me represents the mind of someone suffering from mental illness. In contrast the website created eases their experience, it provides freedom and breathability. 

  • Campaign Concept
    A way to showcase how CALM can collaborate with other brands was showcasing a concept with the Premier League. The Premier League is the worlds most entertaining league in World football. Millions of football fans (mostly of a male audience) watch their favourite teams every week making this the perfect place to share information surrounding mens mental illness. I wanted to tie the comparison to their idols and themselves, using lines such as "be there for your mates" to show that its not a weakness to ask for help.  

  • Thank you for viewing

    Do one thing today, ask your buddy if they are ok! Be there for them.

    If you are struggling with your mental health please start your conversation