Animated Typographic Mural | Stop-Motion

  • Digital Design II Studio // DEC 2015
    Stop-Motion Typographic Mural:


    "Ever tried, Ever failed,
      No matter.
      Try again, Fail again.
      Fail better."   
        -Samuel Beckett | Novelist, Playwright, Poet

  • video:                         [     Below is the compiled JPEG sequence that was composed with Adobe AfterEffects.      ]
  • description:
    After a very intensive, and trying studio course, our final project of the semester came with a bit of relief when we were prompted with the option to do just about anything that we wanted, with the use of any medium or software to put it together. I thought of an idea that could potentially be used as an ad campaign for contemporary Theater Group of sorts incorporating a classic stop-motion technique. I made sure to select a quote from a likely candidate and Samuel Beckett seemed like an appropriate choice for the imagined theater's style.​​​​​​​
  • freeze frames:
  • process:

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