Pencil Note

  • I always carry a pencil and a notebook for writing and sketching wherever I go. Unlike most of the pens, pencils do not have a clip, which makes it a very annoying user experience. I believe pencil and notebook are made to be together. So It is almost inevitable for me to design a notebook that has room for a pencil. Pencil Note is a notebook with a simple plastic(PC) cover that can house a standard pencil with almost any kinds. The bulge on the cover provides the room and tightly secures the pencils, It also makes sure the pencil can be easily taken out. The translucent cover created a frosted and vague silhouette of the pencil inside. It almost feels like a health bar in video games, indicating how much pencil have been used.
  • The challenge throughout the process is the tolerance and the thickness of the polycarbonate cover. Lots of time and energy were spent to make sure the pencil can be smoothly put in and taken out with a subtle 'pop' sound. The bulge on the cover is also designed to be a bit off-centered so it's very easy to be stacked. 
  • different pencils change the notebook’s look. 
  • Thank You.