Danesita - Website

  • Briefing
    ​​​​​​​Dancake Portugal has been providing the country with the finest industrial pastry since 1978.

    After decades honing the quality of its products and its production line logistics, the company started receiving increasing attention from the B2B sector, wanting to integrate Dancake products into their white label portfolios.

    To leverage this interest and expand its worldwide B2B sales, Dancake Portugal created the brand Danesita dedicated exclusively to B2B, which now needs an updated online presence that reflects its modern and robust operation.

    The creative challenge was to strike a balance between conveying state of the art industrial capacity and a sense of homemade artisanal quality to the products. The new website should both paint the products as delicious and the company as a reliable and production output titan.

    Along with those high level objectives, the implementation should ensure top technological quality, rich in animated details and a coherent user experience in screens of all sizes, as well as improved information architecture, featuring an intuitive content structure and calls to action focused on new business acquisition.

  • Result
    In its first 2.5 months online the website received around 3600 unique visitors, who browsed an average of 3.5 pages, spent an average of 3 minutes viewing contents and had an excellent bounce rate of only 30%.​​​​​​​

  • Client: Danesita / Dancake
    Agency: Seegno