FM TV web & UI/UX

  • FM is a music channel for the latin audience in the US.
    I was in charge of the Graphic, Web and UI/UX design for FM 
    under Carolina Carballo's Art Direction.

    TV Branding project made at & respective clients all rights reserved.

  • Credits:

    Directed by: Plenty
    Creative Director: Pablo Alfieri & Mariano Farías
    Art Director: Carolina Carballo
    Animation Director: Hernán Estévez
    Animation: Macs Riedel & Sergio Damonte
    Executive Producer: Inés Palmas
    Producers: César Morán Mazo & Clara Etcheverry
    Graphic Design: Carolina Carballo & Lucía Izco
    3D Rendering: Carolina Carballo
    3D Animation: Maximiliano Riedel
    Year: 2015
    Client: NUVO TV + FUSE
    Creative Director: Federico Reinfeld
    Producer: Jesus Rodríguez
    Coordinator: Christopher Belanger