• Soft facial tissue with orange scent perfume / safe for your children

    F L A V T I S S
    2014 / Flavoured Tissue Packaging

    On packaging design class, the assignment asked the student to create a 'unique fictional product' and then randomly exchange it with another student in the class to do the packaging design. After received a random product brief from a friend, I did some research about the market and competitors to find the problems before started with the design.

    - Fruity perfumed facial tissue for kids
    - Three kinds of flavour (orange, grape, and apple)
    - Client wants the packaging to be extremely unique in triangle shape

    - So many competitors in Indonesia market
    - Unique packaging design usually create more waste, consider the sustainability

    - Different approach from usual facial tissue packaging (competitors)
    - Display it in unique way to attracts buyers (color & display instruction)
    - Make it collectible and easily refilled (sustainable) with glueless design.
  • Below: The packaging has modular shape that can form a picture
  • Above: Soft facial tissue with grape scent / apple scent (shelve-display sales instruction)
    Below: Hanging-display sales instruction. The secondary packaging acts as both for display and half dozen-bundling carrier
  • Above: Fun facts related to the fruit on the secondary packaging
    Below: The secondary packaging as the half dozen-bundling carrier
  • Achievements:
    - Nominee for Best Packaging Design in Ultigraph Award 2015
    - Nominee for Best Craftmanship in Ultigraph Award 2015