Cooking Class Platform, Public Kitchen


    Cooking class O2O platform, Public Kitchen

    Public Kitchen is an O2O platform service that provides a wide spectrum of cooking class programs both online and offline with professional chefs and cuisine researcher working in various fields. It aims to totally transform the traditional offline-focused communication systems and poor service approaches of the existing culinary market and infuse new vitality into it, by providing commerce service for food brands- and cooking class-operating professionals. It also enables women in their 20s to 40s dreaming of special experiences and romanticism in their everyday life to easily access professionals' cooking recipes and contents at anytime from anywhere.

  • Situation

    Most cooking class services in Korea are based in offline reservation systems through phone call or visiting. 
    That means, from the point of a view of consumers, it is very inconvenient to book a desired cooking class as they have to search through portal sites one by one. Besides, there have been many difficulties also for cuisine researchers in determining where to open a cooking class, how to promote it, and how to attract students steadily.
    To improve these inconveniences, Public Kitchen launched an O2O(Offline to Online) platform service specialized in cooking classes to efficiently connect offline users - cuisine researchers and cooking schools - and online users – students. And with the launching of the brand, Public Kitchen was faced with the need to establish a consistent, comprehensive brand identity system to embrace both offline and online environments.

  • Brand Design Development

    Public Kitchen shows its main property as a platform consistently, by introducing the brand identity design in a flexible and diverse way. Beyond a simple role as a commerce brand, it represents the brand image that carefully considers customers on the basis of a user-centered intuitive design for brand communication, and brings worthwhile brand experiences to customers with a unique and trendy design as well. It provides a comfortable, intimate brand image for customers through easy-to-understand design in bright tones.

  • Brand Logo
    Public Kitchen is not a cooking class brand, but a platform brand to make a connection with cooking classes. 
    Therefore, its brand identity derives from a keyword "platform" which is the main property of the brand, rather than using a common motif to represent catering business. It shows Public Kitchen's varied brand images with the flexible brand identity system to represent the nature of the platform.

  • Brand Color Palette
    Public Kitchen's brand color concept comes from nature and diverse foods. Ground Marsala, the color of the earth, inner nature, and health, symbolizes Public Kitchen's brand identity that embraces a wide range of contents. The other sub colors also symbolize various elements of the cooking class, such as organic food, seafood dishes, local cuisines, home kitchen, and Italian dishes, etc.

  • Brand Iconography
    As a graphic element that is used most often for brand communication between Public Kitchen and customers, an icon delivers brand identity in the most visually influential way. It was designed to be widely used for GUI, apron pattern, and even categorizing of the cooking classes within Public Kitchen service, beyond the boundaries of the media.

  • Brand Typography
    The font designated for Public Kitchen's brand is Roboto Slab for English font and Nanummyeongjo for Korean font which represent the brand identity the best. As a slab-serif font, Roboto Slab is characterized by an epicene and modern style with its angular serif. It doesn't looks too stiff but is suitable to show its refinedness and urbaneness. Meanwhile, Nanummyeongjo, one of the Myeongjo line of fonts, can be harmoniously used in combination with Roboto Slab in terms of the design as it has the simplified projections.

  • Brand Visual Motif
    Public Kitchen's visual motif comes from the characteristic of the brand that embraces varied, flexible contents. Changeable spaces which are formed within a frame imply the identity of Public Kitchen that contains various stories. Public Kitchen's visual motif can be diversely used by varying the thickness and forms of lines according to the shape of the format.

  • Brand Design Application

    Public Kitchen is an O2O platform brand where a variety of media are formed at the contact point of communication between the brand and customer. The brand design elements introduced above are consistently designed and applied beyond the boundaries of online/offline media.

  • Online Experience
    Public Kitchen is a web- and mobile app-based service to provide cooking class contents. Its online medium is designed mostly with photography than any other visual elements, utilizing the brand colors and icon matching with the cooking class categories so that customers could experience the services in a more intuitive way. In addition, the design is focused on convenient experience for users, providing from a user location-based contents sorting algorithm to detailed storytelling contents by classes.

  • Offline Experience
    Besides the online service, customers, in Public Kitchen, can adjust the recipes which they develop with a cooking expert and create their own recipe books after taking the cooking class, and also share and sell organic food which they cook with a cooking expert to other users. The offline media is designed mostly with icons and visual motif. Tone and manner of its online medium were taken into account also to its offline medium in order to deliver the consistent design identity.


    Cooking class O2O platform, Public Kitchen
    Brand Identity Design
    Year : 2016

    Chief Executive Officer : Christina Sangmi Ahn 
    ​​​​​​​Design : Tyodi Hyojin Lee