A Poem Book by Pei-Fen Hsu

  • A Poem Book by Pei-Fen Hsu  / 在黑洞中我看見自己的眼睛 

    Art Direction : Yi-Hsuan Li / 李宜軒
    Visual Design : Yi-Hsuan Li  / 李宜軒
    Illustration :Jui-Che Wu
    Client : Chi Ming Publishing Company
    Photographer:Shengyuan Hsu
    Printer : Wei-Yang Printing Enterprise Co.,LTD

    這本書為徐佩芬近年來的新詩合輯,我非常陶醉於這些時而優雅時而沈痛的文字,這本書充滿希望也充滿絕望。如題“在黑洞中我看見自己的眼睛 ”,封面設計靈感來自於書名,黑色的大圓代表了欣喜若狂和悲傷絕望,黑,在色彩學裡是將所有的色彩都混合後的顏色,就像這本書的帶給我的所有情緒,圓面的型態,可以解讀為黑洞,也可以解讀為眼睛。內頁使用單色印刷,我們希望讓此書以“靜”為主軸,儘管文字躍動著,乾淨的畫面仍然可以讓讀者感到安定,內容搭配了插畫,希望在閱讀文字的同時,可以給讀者更多的想像。

    This book is a poem collection of Pei-Fen Hsu. From those sentences, you can feel detailed sadness and happiness expressed by the author. The cover design is inspired by the title of this book which means “in the black hole, I can see my eyes”.  The black circle can be a black hole as well as the eyes. In addition, like the definition in chromatics, black can be a collection of all colors, I think it also can be described as all moods in this book. We only use one colour in the printing since too colorful would be too noisy. Besides, with some  abstract illustrations in the book, we hope readers could have more imagination when they read each poem.

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