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    school project.
    experimental object referencing a semester-wide theme and emotion that would influence the direction of each project. The skin gun references mammals through the emotional lens of frustration. My whole position on this whole theme throughout the semester compared human beings and animals, both being regrouped under the mammals flag, wondering if humans are that different than animals we assume so inferior to us.
    this object flips the script on humans and their consumption of meat, which is probably excessive and promotes this whole industry of mistreatment of animals. By using human skin and wrapping it in styrofoam packaging like they do with red meat. The shape of the gun is used to reference my frustration towards this whole system of slaughter and provoke the audience into thought. Overall, the goal of this project is to put humans in the animals place.

    UQAM, montreal
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    test with real veal meat. (plan b in case the fake skin didn't turn out looking good)
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    thank you.