Eyeball Massage Fingers Exercise

  • Eyeball Massage, Fingers Exercise
    Curated by Fan-Chon, Hoo

    As the soft glow of smart devices bathes our faces, our eyes gleam with a blue tinge whilst our fingers swipe mechanically to the next visual stimulus, we live a life of excessive perceptual excitement. The exhibition title Eyeball Massage, Fingers Exercise suggests a tropical sensibility; the prohibition of revealing one’s flesh is substituted by the willingness to receive massage by strangers. In this relationship, we become passive as the masseur takes charge of our body, just as we sometimes choose to succumb to the algorithms in social media in deciding which information to consume.

    Whilst Post-Internet art has steadily crawled onto the international art circuit, landmark exhibitions have been produced, and critical texts have been circulated amongst the art community, have we missed the opportunity to jump onto the bandwagon or did we just let it slip under our radar and choose to pretend it never happened? Is Post-internet art a misconception, or a super-inflated discourse based on flimsy grounds with little relevance to local socio-political happenings? Are we to adhere to the West’s cultural axis in understanding the post-internet state of mind? If the post-internet reality is a multifaceted one, which each community and individual experiences differently, perhaps this exhibition is an attempt to understand and to make sense of this through the lens of the artists. 

    This exhibition engages the post-internet world as a starting point for a survey, which aims to develop an understanding of its visual system, social media as an alternative platform for artistic expression, the internet as a site for visual aesthetic exploration or how these social media-driven experiences affect artists’ modes of production.