FERN - Contemporary Dishes Platform

  • FERN is a dining platform of sharing dishes, designed for contemporary living. Its concept is inspired by cultural observations, experiences and values in Sarawak (Malaysia), which are very essential for a better contemporary lifestyle.

    Inspired by the structure of cultural houses in Sarawak, which are raised from the ground yet unbelievably sturdy to protect the dwellers from wild animal threat, FERN structure prevents ants from reaching and affecting the hygiene of the dishes.

    FERN utilizes and stores natural-ant-repellents to drive the ants away and prevent them from coming back. These natural repellents are scientifically proven to be more efficient, safer for humans, and more environmental-friendly than the artificial ant remedies (e.g. bug spray, powder, etc). There are cinnamon sticks, coffee beans, mint leaves, citrus peels, and so much more which are naturally and widely available in the world.

    FERN is designed to enhance a pleasing and joyous family dinner to strengthen the relationship among the family members, like how Sarawak people are always relaxing and sharing joy together.

  •  'Fern' is a name of plant which Sarawakians believes to bring blessing and fertility in the family.Many of them grow fern in their backyard, then harvest and cook it for family feast.Pattern of fern is also seen in their artefacts: fabric, jewellery, statue, etc.
  •  Model Making Process
  •  FERN in Resonance Exhibition