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    For my final major project I decided to develop a designed publication relating to the study into ‘Gender, Race and Class in Children’s Advertising and Toys.’ Gender, race and class are three social categories that bear strong meaning within society today. The publication discusses whether advertising and toys affects the development of a child’s socialisation. The motivations for researching into this issue lies in an interest and enthusiasm surrounding the impact of social media upon children. Children gain an understanding of what it is to be a certain gender, race and class from a young age. I am intrigued over the notion that a toy can contain social importance and I desired to reveal these meanings through a designed, coherent and enjoyable publication.

    I used orange throughout my stock choices and within the writing. I feel it’s unbiased in terms of gender, race and class but also gives that extra ‘pop’ and toy like quality. Below are just a few examples of spreads that I designed.
  • This is the middle sheet fold out, the largest of my 3 different sized formats. This fold out shows a factual representation of each toy. The descriptions of the toys and the images themselves are all by the manufactures or by the toy retailer.