Social Media's Effect on Streetwear Culture

  • Social Media's influence on Streetwear Culture Editorial Piece
    Sheffield Hallam University.​​​​​​​

    Brief -

    Highlight the effects social media is having on the culture of streetwear fashion in modern society. How those living within the culture are viewing the current movement and how those who defined the culture feel about the recent change in movement because of social medias impact on growth. 

    Creative Solution -

    In todays world we use social platforms as a way of communication and we have lost the art of print publication as a tool to showcase news and information. What once was a culture of graft and hard work has been lost because of the ease of simply tweeting and searching via hashtag. This has changed the culture and allowed it to become saturated. The idea of taking the culture back to its roots to receive information in a limited edition collectible item to read news about up and coming drops and peoples views on streetwear takes the movement back but highlighting the impact social media is having on the culture. The book is a metaphor for what it once was to what it is now. 

    Using inspiration from the brand OFF-White, a streetwear brand that serves purpose and uses their direction as a way to spread messages I wanted to aim the book as a collectible to a consumer, the idea that it is packaged along side the OFF White brand in order to show that print publications are still relevant tools in providing information to those still interested in the streetwear fashion industry. ​​​​​​​

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