Self Portrait Illustration for EK Success

  • What describes you? How does your personality fill a 12" x 12" space? This question is purposed to you when you are first hired at EK Success Brands in Kansas City, and you guessed it, precisely the question that fueled this little picture of yours truly. I spent a good deal of time thinking about what means to present yourself to others. I thought about how those ideas have been communicated effectively in the past, and how those types of communication could benefit me in a situation where I am new to my surroundings and those around me. I became enraptured by the idea of flags and tapestries. They seemed to embody the idea within this new employee assignment. Consider your values, consider your life, and condense it here in a proud frame for all to see. Illustrated here were the things I carried with me at the time, and the ideas that were fueling my new life straight out of college. I thought of it as sort a flag, tapestry hybrid with segments and symbols added as I bop about through life. Some are quite simple and literal, others seem simple but carry a greater personal meaning. This illustration represents my life in transition out of school and into the world, taking my flag of experience and enthusiasm with me to share with others and continue growing.