iNViSiBLE LETTERiNG is a sketchbook exploration of street calligraphy and letterforms.
         Since I had this amazing 200gr coldpressed watercolour paper my aim was to work with all the materials I had in hand, mixing waterbased spraycans, acrylic paints, markers and fluorescent inks. It was pleasure to develop new ideas and playfull compositions, experimenting also with UV light.  As result the sketchbook could be experienced both in night and daytime

        The sketchbook was taking part of #‎TheDesignOfWords2016‬ exhibition oranized by
    Calligraphy Masters and AcquaSuMarte  with the support of Moleskine sketchbooks as part of MilanoDesignWeek2016  
  • Expressive Alphabet round brush / flat brush / custom cola pen / washed ink / india black ink
  • Random Rectangle  custom cola pen / round brush / waterbased spraycans / black ink 
  • Urban Tribalism custom bamboo pen / pilot parallel pen 1.8mm / washed ink
  • Abstract  waterbased spraycans / invisible ink 
  • Japanese influence  ink-wet brush / washed ink 
  • Alphabet crimes pilot parallel pen 1.8mm / waterbased spraycans / ink
  • Yellow  custom cola pen / brushes / waterbased spraycans / invisible ink
  • Tribal quest  custom bamboo pen / pilot parallel pen 1.8 / monoprints
  • 'Visual Vandals'  custom cola pen / brush watercolours
  • Opening page - brushes / custom cola pen / custom bamboo pen / fluo ink / invisible ink / black india ink
  • Layers of Letters  ink-wet brush / custom cola pen / black india ink / washed ink / invisible ink
  • Friendly Fire  ink-wet brush / black india ink / fluo spraycans / invsibile uv marker
  • World Wide Wisdom  round brush / flat brushes / black india ink / invisible ink / green fluo ink
  • Glitch  brush / custom cola pen / black india ink / invisible ink
  • Zero  ink-wet brush / copic wide marker / black india ink / fluo ink / invisible ink
  • End white spraycan / brush pen / monoprint / fluo ink
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