Post Office Gallery Logo Endtag

  • Post Office Gallery Logo Endtag

    To date the Post Office Gallery has not had its own identity and the gallery is seeking a logo to define the gallery in its own way.  I was to explore, research and develop an appropriate identity system that would be easily recognisable to the gallery and it’s features and create a better understanding that it is no longer a post office. This identity not only had to be recognisable to the public through its external signage, but also to be applied to a range of stationary and other applications regularly used within the gallery & promotions.

    Endtag: The idea behind the endtag was to tie into the logo's emphasis on space which is defined by its line work in the symbol. By flashing certain aspects of the symbol it helps to define its certain features from all angles. The idea behind the symbol within a real environment is put emphasis on the marketing side of the logo. For signage of the logo, it was to be created (3 dimensionally) using neon lights that would flash certain aspects of the shape. Thus the endtag was created to not only show for my client the idea behind the signage but also to tie all design elements together