• Nostaljams

    May 2012
  • Objective: Throughout my design work I have developed an affinity for discovering connections. So for my senior thesis, I looked at music and memory as a medium for connection, using design as a way to bring it all together. This site creates a new platform to share and connect with others through shared memories.

    Process: Nostaljams is website that uses music as a way to remember our past. Songs have the capacity to evoke a sense of nostalgia within all of us and we can’t help but reminisce on those times. This site was created to pair music and memory together, allowing users to listen to songs and share their memories. This platform creates a new dialog for connection as you browse through the submitted memories and identify with particular submissions. We are all connected in some way and Nostaljams hopes to illuminate music and memories as an avenue for connection. Listen, share, and remember your past here.