Lit business card

  • 以光為切入點,將影像成像的概念還原為最初始光的元素,取光具有多彩、多變等特性。並以畫面中的光做為核心意象,透過震動的方式來表現其動態的特質來構成名片設計。

    The client is a motion graphic designer. Since light possesses both colorful and versatile characteristics, this design concept will be able to restore this visual imaging into its most original light element.
    In order to to emphasize the core image of “light on screen”, the card combined with vibrant outlines will represent its dynamic property.

  • Client : Lit Jhan
    Graphic Design : Chun-Ta Chu
    Photography : Steven Chuan-Shun Huang
    Print : 煒揚印刷
    長瑩紙業 皮草紙Milk 奶白300 g/m2

  • Publish
    《simplicity, the charm of minimalism》- Sandu Publishing