WWWithdrawal Symptoms

  • Supplement for ‘The Guardian’ newspaper exploring the facts about online censorship. A supporting campaign was also created to advertise the supplement and promote awareness of the potential affects of online censorship.

    Websites that are censored are blocked at the route DNS number. This informed a visual language for the supplement and is one of the main issues with the way the internet is censored, or could be censored.

    Imagine not being able to share or view certain types of visual content. The images are removed to bring a sense of frustration in not being able to see them. DNS numbers are printed onto the inside of the french folds, these fade from the front to the back of the supplement leaving you to 'join the dots'.

    Do we take the internet for granted? The teaser campaign takes over various websites/content providers. It briefly stops you from sharing or listening to content. The advert for the supplement then appears and then allows you to share or listen to the content. This also helps promote awareness of the potential affects of 
    online censorship.