• Create the branding, naming and launch campaign for a Museum of Trees. This could cover signage, 
    wayfinding, merchandise, viral campaigns, in any media you feel appropriate.

    Brand campaign material is shown in the Summer brand colours. The promotional material would be changed every three months to the appropriate brand colours. The Graphic pattern is shown etched into perspex, this could be applied to signage in the museum building and on wayfinding.

    The brand itself has a unique colour palette that changes with the seasons, reflecting the colours of tree foliage. Campaign material would therefore change every three months – this would keep the brand fresh 
    and seasonal.

    All printed campaign material would be reproduced on recycled stock and substrates. The use of drafting paper and thick greyboard have been used to represent the contrast between the strong structure of the trees and the fragility of their leaves.

    As part of the first campaign, posters would be wrapped around trees in towns and cities – they would invite you to “Be a Tree Hugger” and also to download an app. This would extend the integrated campaign by enabling the use of phone cameras to take pictures of individual trees. This could then provide information such as what type of tree it is. The app has an educational and factual pupose, by taking photos of tree foliage and bark the app will reveal information about the tree including it's type.