Euro2016gif was born for one and only reason. During every major soccer competition we wanted a place where to see all the goals, just the goals, nothing but the goals. But we couldn’t find it. All the websites were filled with statistics, match highlights, every kind of information that we were not looking for.
    That’s why we created it. We wanted to be as minimal as possible, but also experiment a little with design and coding, so we generated & randomised patterns to give the whole page an edgier feeling. We spent a couple of days on it and that’s what came out. 
    Every team is linked to a color palette and we provide just what, from our point of view, was compulsory to understand a goal: Scorer, minute, match and the partial result. That’s it.
    We decided to have .gif of the goals instead of actual videos because we love this whole .gif hype and we wanted somehow to contribute. In addition we loved the idea of the goal looping.
    Now it's live and constantly updated.
    Check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

    Art Direction & Design — Valentino Borghesi
    Code —  Robert Borghesi

    Not commercial —  Made in 2016
    All the videos belong to Fifa and Uefa