double S *sausage stick

  • Double S is a redesign of a typical Finnish utensil, a sausage stick used on open-air fire cooking, known in Finland as "makkaratikku" .
    The inspiration for the design comes, on one hand from the flames and on the other from the curves used in Finnish Design.
    This approach leads to a different form of the traditional makkaratikku. 
    Double S consists of two parts: a wooden handle (the double S) and one piece of bent metal with two edges.  
  • Here's a little animated GIF that shows the evolution from the first sketch to the final shape.
    At first I wanted the handle to be one single piece of bended wood, so it had to have the same thickness from the bottom to the edges. I was really not happy with the aesthetic of it and moreover it was not ergonomic for the hand.
    To create a more comfortable-to-handle shape I decided to bring the two sides of the handle closer and make them thinner, whereas thickening the edges to improve its aesthetics.
    Quite happy with the aesthetic but... a new problem came up!
    By thinning the lower part the whole handle got weak and it was very easy to break. 
    That's the moment in which i decided to divide the handle in two separate parts, improving the comfort and the strength, and to round it to give it a more natural shape.