Throwback. Architecture Regeneration Project

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    Architecture Regeneration Project
    The project takes place in Milan, Italy, in a zone of the city that historically has always been an important development area. The neighbour is called QT8 and it is characterized by the Monte Stella, an artificial hill build assembling some of the ruins ofthe II World War. The project area is located just in front of the hill where there is an abandoned building designed by Piero Bottoni that had been used as market and meeting point of the neighbour. Thinking about the history of the city and of QT8, the project here presented aims to give a rebirth to the entire area, from the market to the park sorrounding Monte Stella, exploiting something that, even if nowadays it has been hidden from the city, has always played a fundamental role in the conception of Milan: the water flows.

    Type: Architectural Project
    Language: italian
    Pages: 152
    Size: 150x150 mm
    Binding: case binding with soft cover
    Year: 2015
    Research collaborators: Michela Caserini, Paolo Caselli, Francesco Castelli.