• Wing Silver Jewelry  Design Studio
    by Chris Chang

    Chris Chang, founder of Wing Silver jewelry design began his career with an educational Degree in Civil Engineering and Masters Degree in Industrial Design. His knowledge in 3-dimensional space and materials gave him the ability to create work that is out of the ordinary. After his studies he decided to open a silver jewelry design studio in 2010, continuing to pursue his passion in silver jewelry design. Chris focuses on quality and craft work. He believes jewelry is not only a accessory, but also an identity.

    Wing silver jewelry design by Chris Chang focuses on customized projects. Chris believes that each individual is a story. Their life is a story. Their memory, from the past to the present marks different pages of the story and that is what makes each project unique. Every customized design is personal and one of a kind. Chris believes that building a good connection and relationship with his client, which allows him to see and feel through the clients perspective. Through communication and understanding, Chris is able to create an ultimate connection with the clients bridging the designer and client relationship into friendship. Pouring his heart into people’s life stories, Chris’s ultimate goal was to create something intimate, special, and personal for his client.

    For my branding and packaging project, I focused on fine craft. To bring a more intimate and tactile experience for the client by choosing a more natural aesthetic but not taking away the modernism of the design. For the package I choose the seal rather than other forms of enclosing the box because in history, a seal is a symbol of security. To keep something personal and secure. It is also a identity. Having said that, it reflects Chris Chang's methodology. Having each design being one of a kind and unique.