• The Millennials.
    They are part of the most critique-oriented group when it comes to dining,
    because they look for the whole experience: great food, great service,
    and great environment.
    58% of the Millennials dine out at least once a week, because this becomes
    an opportunity for them to socialize and spend time with their friends.
    And so 
    happens that 68% look for reviews and opinions on the restaurants
    planning to eat in before their visit.

    The Market in Culiacán.

    The people from Culiacán, MX, have seven main characteristics: They are
    innovative (they look for what is new), brave (they like new experiences),
    perfectionists (they have a great taste for food), cheerful (they are always
    looking for a great environment), social (they socialize both digitally and
    personally everyday), distinction (they look for what is different), and
    admiration (they celebrate the success of the people from Sinaloa, MX.)

  • Círculo Once.
    The naming is inspired on the exclusive intellectual circles where
    only experts were allowed to enter, to be able to create the feelings
    of curiosity and belonging in the target – and complemented with
    the size of the pizzas that the restaurant offers (11”).
    We decided to give the brand a mysterious tone in the shopping
    illusion of an exclusive social circle.

  • Ceasar's Cipher.
    To complement the brand’s communication, we are adopting the Caesar's
    Cipher – a secret message system that has been used for years. It simply
    requires the user to shift three letters forward in the alphabet to code a
    message, and to shift three letters backwards to decode it.  

  • Social Media.
    These accounts will allow us to let people know about different aspects of
    the brand that will give it a sense of community, that will give the public a
    feeling of belonging. We will also use many hashtags that the consumers
    will be able to use in pictures they share, and we’ll use a filter unique to
    the brand when reposting said pictures, along with a reward for the reposted
    user – encouraging others to share more pictures in order to be selected.

    Just like this, Círculo Once will hold a contest where the members of the
    “society” will be able to share a picture of a pizza of their own creation and
    get people to vote for it through social media – one pizza will be selected
    every 11th of the month and offered as part of a “secret” menu.

    This is all with the intention of creating more traffic online for the restaurant,
    getting to be known throughout the country, and attracting curious customers
    while encouraging the regular customers to keep visiting.


  • Membership.

    To be allowed to generate the complete experience of an exclusive
    society, we developed a membership system that will allow the users
    to be part of a very selected group, and this will get them rewards and
    benefits through their visits  –  the more visits they make, the higher
    level they can get, which means more and better rewards!

    Thereby it encourages consumers to return to the restaurant, and an
    owner-client relationship is formed in which both parties are benefited.