Jorge Luis Borges, The Maker | book design

  • El Hacedor (The Maker), is a collection of poems, short sories, essays, and literary sketches by the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges. Many of them raise the question of the evanescence, death, identity, natural changes and the meaning of a symbol.
    I decided to refer to these subjects through images of some symbols, formed spontaneousely by nature. Their reference is though uncertain – like many of Borges' metaphors. The hard cover is made from real soil, painted black.

    As the format is small (105x148 mm), all the footnotes are placed on separate narrow pages, with images on the back side. The spine sets the axis of symetry of the images.

    The book was bound and sewn by hand.

    The book was displayed in Print Control. Best printed matter from Poland – the most influential polish review promoting print designs.