Eiforya Typeface (Free)

    Eiforya is an experimental futuristic icon-like monoline geometric font created by Manh Nguyen and inspired by alien's language spreading over sci-fi films, nonetheless, it's created using stylized letters from several languages including especially exotic native language to help build the alphabet. Although Eiforya is supporting English (due to the reason that many languages' characters are combined inside and its bizarreness), it will fit your hipsterismic and mysterious designs like posters, tittles or website banners, etc.
    Eiforya has an enormous table of glyphs with vast choices of alternative letters.
    Eiforya is free for both personal and commercial uses with Illustrator's format version whilst the font format is coming soon, and yes, if you guys really like this one.
  • Eiforya - a modernized icon-like sans serif is out supporting bizarre and
    traodinarily beautiful artworks, posters, tittles, etc.
  • Several set of 26 characters from the standard alphabet are included inside this font.
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    IN USE
  • Thanks for your interest!
    Eiforya is now available for download freely below after pressing big blue Like button as an appreciation for me!
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    Let's check 'em out here!