Urban Plate

  • Urban Plate
    Restaurant Identity Design
  • “There are trade-offs in the world of restaurants, and every restaurant owner must decide what is important and what to put their money into. Some opt for fantastic displays of aquarium fish, others collect vintage photographs and still others ignore these distractions to focus solely on the food.

    Urban Plate is a restaurant that’s all about providing high quality, affordable food in a casual, cool, and friendly atmosphere. The idea for this concept was to convey a measure of playfulness to express the fun and casual atmosphere of a restaurant that is otherwise very serious in its mission to provide exceptional and healthy food that is accessible to everyone. Being careful to stay away from the typical “greenwashing” often expected in organic farm-to-table restaurant branding, vibrant pops of color are used throughout the branding system to contrast with an otherwise monochromatic, industrial-chic interior. A secondary set of logos provide a graphic application for uniforms and merchandise, and restaurant staff are distinguished by quips on the back of uniforms.

    Design & Photography: Chris Yoon
    Copywriting: Danielle DePiper