Helado Negro - Young, Latin & Proud

  • "La Raza takes the spotlight in the latest single by Ecuadorian-American producer Helado Negro, aka Roberto Lange. It doesn’t pack the kind of punch you’d expect...
    ...This song conjures a more honest vision of the future, in which generations of Latinos meet from various corners of the diaspora with the will to better understand one another, despite all their differences."
      -Suzy Exposito, Contributer, Pitchfork, LINK
  • Young Latin & Proud Music Video for Helado Negro -  by using bright colors, fluid animation, and a combination of styles, we were able to not only reference the flags and colors commonly found in Latin America. But also point back to the energy associated with Latin culture. Tight deadlines, and a big group helped to come up with ideas, and take design risk that some of us might not have taken without the support of our team. 
    Helado Negro - Young, Latin & Proud
    Available via Other Music Recording Co.
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    Peiter Hergert
    Daniel Moreno
    Sharon Correa
    Albert Yih
    James Heredia
    Carlos Enciso
    Brian Smith
    Michael Gersten
    Videography by Ben Sellon