The Princess & The Goblin

  • This is a series of illustrations I did that are inspired by the lovely story "The Princess & The Goblin" by George Macdonald. It was  originally published in 1872. Here are some scenes that I have in my mind when I read the story. I love the whimsical qualities and the symbolisms that  George Macdonald put in this story.
    So have a look guys. I really hope you like it! :) 
  • Princess Irene in her Grandmother's room
  • "Then you must lay your finger, the same that wore the ring, upon the thread, and follow the thread wherever it leads you."

    "Oh, how delightful! It will lead me to you grandmother, I know!"

    "Yes. But, remember, it may seen to you a very roundabout way indeed, and you must not doubt the thread.
    Of one thing you may be sure, that while you hold it, I hold it too."
  • THE ESCAPE: Irene saves Curdie from the Goblin caverns.

    "Where are you going there?" He cried. "That's not the way out. That's where I couldn't get out."

    "I know that," whispered Irene. "But this is the way my thread goes, and I must follow it."
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