Audubon Promo Kit

  • Audubon Promotional Kit
    hypothetical non-profit promotional piece
    includes a personalized letter, book, and naturalist kit
    Non-profit groups like the National Audubon Society often depend on financial contributions to thrive and survive. Large donations from wealthy corporations and individuals are dreams. How can a non-profit about nature capture the interest of these busy, urban people?
    This promotional kit is designed for an audience of a select few executives that have the power to bring large, successful and innovative corporations behind the Audubon cause. It brings nature directly to the men and women who spend their days in meetings and offices, men and women who have little time to seek out nature for themselves. Rather than mass mailing simple brochures that will land in a trash bin, or sending emails that will probably never be opened, this unusual box is designed to capture attention, inspire empathy and move people to action.
    This prototype was created from a variety of existing literature about the National Audubon Society. I organized the information, made the box, hand bound the book, and drew all illustrations. The materials within the kit were collected during my own excursions into nature.
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