PrettyGoods [D&AD DesignBridge Brief]

  • PrettyGoods is a modern beauty brand that markets the idea of beauty through nutrition. Various shops in every part of the world stock their aisles with the newest, most advanced beauty products that promise to give you healthier hair, smoother skin and prevent you from ageing. It is easy for us to fall for branding that always uses the words like natural, revitalising, anti-ageing, repair and etc. but we often overlook the fact that we can get same, if not better, results from just maintaining a good diet that targets the parts of our body that we feel we’ve neglected.
    The brand itself is simple and to the point, that values transparency and eco-friendlyness, it aims to inform it’s customers of natural, diet based beauty regiments and to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Packaging is aimed to be minimal and eco-friendly, since most food products like fruit and vegetables have their own natural packaging and only use small stickers that communicate with the customer by informing them of results that they can expect from incorporating those foods into their diet, such as ‘no more dry hair’, ‘cure acne’ and so on. 
    Things like grains and various green are packaged in brown recycled paper bags that, just like the stickers, inform the customer of what they can expect from consuming them.
  • The app provides the users with information about about various super foods and the benefits they provide for their appearance. It helps the users to set up personalised beauty diets just by them selecting the body areas they feel they need to target. It also gives them the option to order the produce directly to their homes.