World Economic Forum: Beyond GDP

    Is our love-affair with GDP coming to an end?
    As the business landscape reinvents itself, demographics shift, inequality expands, climate change gets worse and technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, Gross Domestic Product is struggling to stay relevant. In order to keep up with the changes wrought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many are arguing that we need to find a new measure to assess the health of our economies and – more importantly – the people living in them.
    The World Economic Forum requested a short Animation conveying this important message. A short deadline demanded simple, but attractive animations and graphics that could tell the story without a voiceover.
    Directed by Felipe Vargas and Moisés Arancibia at SMOG
    Design and Illustrations by Felipe Vargas.
    Animation direction by Felipe Vargas. 
    Animations by: Felipe Vargas, Spiro Bunster, Patricio Molina Sebastián Platz and Berni Bruner.
    Supporting Animations by Felipe Jara and Felipe Ordóñez.