• Beam of gale” is a hymn to hope. It is a collection that expects to laud that lucky incident that makes us discover the bright side of things and gives us the strength to go ahead.I symbolized this incident with a gale which is capable to cause a clearing, a crack that shows us the light.
    The reality that surrounds us is unknown, unexpected and changeable. The shirt is the first garment that we put on. It represents our initial mood. For this reason, shirts are made of black and white poplin with the concept of a hail of tears which will be made out under the other garments. The outer layers will never be printed with tears. They are already gone, we already overcame them. Now the colors enlighten the clothes. Blue tracks of the blowing wind, yellow cracks that already point to different happy green places.
    This is a clean, sophisticated, pure collection; without excesses that dirt it, such as backstitches or unnecessary ornaments, in order to give more strength to the ending color notes.
    Model: Marta Talló
    Photographer: Adrià Sánchez
    Fashion designer:  Carina Roca
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