anatomy of letters | ancient icelandic letters

  • anatomy of letters
    my final project at the Iceland Academy of the Arts
  • the book
    awarded GOLD in student catagory from Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers 2013
    awarded GOLD in student catagory from Art Directors Club of Europe 2013
  • the book was printed at Oddi printing company in Iceland on Munken Print Cream
  • the book was bound with special care at Bókavirkið in Iceland
  • The book is designed and bound in with a hint to educational books in the 1940's.
  • The information in the book contains bone structure, inner organs, personality and biology of the letters. Also basic typography anatomy.
  • An example of the information - bone structure of the Ancient letter - æ.
  • Bone structure of the seven letters in the book. From left: Thorn, High-Ess, Wyn, Rotunda, Ancient-æ, Ancient-ö, Eth. Five of the letters are extinct and two (Thorn and Eth) are endangered.
  • exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum 2012
    Útskriftarsýning í Listasafni Reykjavíkur
  • A skull and vertebra's of Rotunda, found in the north of Iceland in 1994. Archaeologist believe that it is from 1250-1300.
  • A very whole skeleton of Wyn, also found in the north of Iceland in 1993. It is believed that a predator letter slayed the Wyn because it's skull was almost completely broken.
  • Exhibition at Reykjavík Art Museum 2012.
  • The Rotunda's skull.
  • exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum 2013
    Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers
  • Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers awarded the book 2 price in the category "book design" 
  • The book and illustrations were also awarded 1 price in the student category
  • the making of: Anatomy of Letters
    a video
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