• Grand Café Rainforest

    Chocolately, sweet, with a hint of its slow roast, gives this blend real character. Bright and balanced with citrus hints and a clean and balanced aftertaste.

  • Grand Café Fairtrade Decaf

    A clean mouth feel with a hint of sweet watermelon. All the flavour but without the caffeine.

  • Grand Café Fairtrade

    Deep, intense coffee with a full body and lasting taste.

  • Grand Café Triple Certified

    Rich, balanced coffee with red fruit top notes and a sweet creamy finish.

  • The updated website featuring the rebranded Grand Café showcases the source countries that create each flavour, ultimately educating the consumers about the brand and their ethics.
  • Along with the rebranded range, promotional materials were created to help consumer learn more about the particular coffee that they are drinking. Takeaway cup sleeves include NFC chips, so the consumer can hold their mobile phone beside, taking them straight to the website which offers a more in-depth look into the coffee.
  • UCC identified that the coffee range was never on display, always hidden away in cupboards. A point of sale display was created to highlight the packaging and its origins.