Moments Of The Sea – Poster series

  • Moments Of The Sea / Моменты Моря
    Library of memories
    It is a place, where people can save their dear memories.
    The title is an allusion to the famous catch phrase «memento mori», which means "remember about a death". However, if we change the words in Latin in consonant Russian, the gloominess of this statement is fading away, the meaning is varying. The resulting name, on the contrary, shows that thinking about death is not necessary, because much more important to live for today, enjoy life, and to remember that there are a lot of moments.
    It is the basic concept of the library: a close relationship of moments and the sea, which is a symbol of life.
    Save precious moments and memories, help people once again warmly to plunge into the unforgettable moments - that's the purpose of the organization.

    Student project for HSE Art and Design School 

  • The calendar.
  • Bonus: stamps