The Family

  • The Family

    The idea of family comes from my previous project in story tellingcourse which I had in the first year of my master study. For that specificcourse our main point of departure was the city of Gothenburg and its stories.I decided to create a group of toy robots with specific characteristics ofGothenburg and its people .those toy robots were made of walnut and oak woodwith some plastic parts the walnut represented the immigrants and the oak whichis a typical Gothenburg tree represented the native Gothenburg people. Ireceived very positive responds both from teachers and public who visited theexhibition. These robots were my first attempt on creating a more humanisticand simple design which immediately attracts the attention of viewers both interm of aesthetics and background story. Now I would like to revisit thisconceptin a broader and universal context which is family.

    By choosing the theme of family I would like to reach a wider audienceand tell a story to both adults and children. This story is not necessary afairy-tale or a historical one it’s the story of moments that happens in anyfamily and between family members. These toy figurines will be carry aroundthrough family members and hopefully through generations and it will be a wayto remember certain moments in our life.

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