Mapping Gender Inequality in Chaumont Design Graphique

  • Mapping Gender Inequality 
    in Chaumont Design Graphique

    The main motivation for this project was the participation in the 22nd edition of the contest Etudiants, tous à Chaumont!, whose theme was Unmapping The World.
  • There is numerous data about gender inequality, but this project maps an unexplored fragment of information, the Chaumont Festival itself. 
    After analysing all the gender information found, that being the names of the jury and the winners of the International Competition from 1998 to 2014, the conclusion was the expected: women are in the minority.

  • Chaumont Design Graphique began as a poster festival, so the choice to present the work process through posters was obvious. There is also a website that shows the facts in detail, presenting percentages and information year by year, that can be consulted here.

  • The project was eventually selected for the final exhibition at the 2015 edition of the Chaumont Design Graphique Festival.

  • Thank you!