Ciclo de Conversas Design+Multimédia

  • Ciclo de Conversas 
    Design + Multimédia

    Proposal of visual identity for the 7th edition of the anual series of conferences associated with the degree and masters in Design + Multimedia of the University of Coimbra.
  • The theme for the 2015 edition was Time of encounter(s), so the starting point was the idea
    of parallel lines and intersecting lines, lines that represented space, time, meeting paths, crossing ideas, etc. From there the concept developed to organic lines inside straight lines, using scanned textures of satellite imagery and topographic maps found in atlas and encyclopedias.
  • Finally, the lines that cross the poster represent the time in which we meet with the speakers and mark the passage of the guests through this event. Since each line represents one of the sessions, and each session brings us speakers with different paths, a different texture was used for each one.​​​​​​​
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