• The wrong choices 
    can be the right credentials

    The Calm Street Project (Lugna Gatan) was started in order to prevent violence and vandalism in Stockholm’s public transportation system. Unemployed young people with a messy past were recruited to work as security hosts. Today, the initiative is a program of social integration and has proven very effective, because the hosts are more than ordinary security guards. They bond easily with young trouble makers since they share the same background and experiences.
    In fact, the hosts often become positive role models in their communities. The problem is that most people don’t know this. In the public eye, they are nothing more than half criminals and thugs. Yes, some of the hosts are ex-convicts, and that’s the point, because Lugna Gatan believe in redemption and second chances.

    Our idea was to explain this in an honest, unapologetic and provoking way.