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    When it comes to sports, women have always been less prioritized. Not only as professionals, but from the first time they enter the field as young girls. At the age of 14, over 80 percent of all girls are dropping out of sports. Schools prefer to put most of the budget on sport-resources for boys rather than share it equal on both genders. The media prefer to write about male athletes, since that is what most people want to read about, resulting in a lot more sponsors looking for male athletes rather than female athletes. It’s a vicious circle that can only be broken if women, already as young girls, are given the same opportunities as men.
    Among those who earn big money on the athletes are betting companies. However, very few of these companies actually care about what the world of sports really look like. As the first betting company to take a position on the issue, Betfair will introduce a new mission in their strategy, Plan Fair.

    Plan Fair
    Plan Fair is a project with the goal to make the world of sports equal. Through collaborations with other organizations, Betfair will make it easier for young girls to practice their sports or to discover new sports. Special scholarships will be given to schools and clubs so they can invest in more and better resources. They will start constructions of sports grounds in poor and war affected areas. Fundraising, lectures and inspiring events all over the world will get the people involved. etc.

    Bet for change - campaign launch
    During the Olympics of 2016 in Brazil, millions of people turn to the betting companies to win money. As a way to launch Plan Fair, Betfair will introduce the campaign - Bet for change. A new way to bet. By adding a second betting option we give visitors the opportunity to donate a tenth of their odds to the Women's Sports Foundation. In this way, visitors can contribute with money they never even had. Through this campaign, we want to inform those who bet about the inequality in sports. But also attract a new audience to the world's first fair betting company.