• *fictional Project*
  • Backa bonden - Back the farmer

    The small dairy factory Hjordnära wants to expand. But they don't want to lose the local and organic production, since it's what makes them unique from other dairy factories in Sweden. But since every milk brand on the market, big and small, sells their milk with green pastures and cows in backlight, the term organic has lost its meaning. And it's not getting easier in a time when more consumers than ever before have started to choose oat drinks before regular milk.

    Back the farmer
    The challenge was therefore to talk about the small and local dairy factories in a new way. Hjordnära wants to expand, but they will need more farms to stay organic and local. Each farm is like a startup. And a startup needs backers. Therefore, Hjordnära will launch a kickstarter campaign for farmers who need support to be able to switch from conventional production to organic production. And to all those who want organic milk on the shelf to be able to back their local farmer.